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Sunday, 06/05/2005 - 07:29 PM PDT
The topic: Something wrong with Monica

There was something wrong with Monica this morning. She was fine last night, put up a fight when it was time to come in, I have a scratch on my elbow, which happened when she jumped out of my arms. Not too much longer, she was on the patio and I yelled at Brian to open the door and let her in.

I let the cats out this morning about ten to five, then I went back to bed. I finally went outside around 6:15 and checked on them all. Ross, Joey and Phoebe were all playing chase and Monica was just sitting on the grass in a ball. I checked her over and there was something going on with her back. It was very tender up by the shoulder blades. And when she walked/ran, she held her tail at a strange angle.

She slept pretty much all day and later this afternoon, I gave her some kibble and she gobbled it right up, she rolled over on the cement and let Opie clean her. So, she's okay, but this kind of thing is always scary. It reminds me of Lola so long ago, when the vet first diagnosed her (incorrectly) as having FIP.

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I hate when that happens and there is no noticable signs of damage. It may simply be a strain. When mine were little one jumped down from a fence and seemed to strain a leg. I started giving him "Arnica/Montana" sp? a homepathic pill available at Boney's/Henry's or whatever it's called now. It's for strains, sprains and swelling, within three days he was fine.

Posted by Melanee @ 06/06/2005 06:55 AM PDT

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