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Thursday, 06/09/2005 - 09:04 AM PDT
The topic: Patio cam was off this morning

for a while. Not a real long while, but long enough for me to do what needed to be done.

Yesterday afternoon, I grabbed my book (Therapy - Jonathon Kellerman) and sat down in my rocking chair. And I looked onto the patio. And the glass in the sliding glass door and the screen door were almost impossible to see through with all the dirt, spray and dust and cat hair build up. I guess it's been a while since I've cleaned them.

I went over to the backyard cam/weather page (link is at the top of the page) and clicked on the "extended weather" button on the left, then clicked on the "7 day" forecast link. Today, tomorrow and Saturday are all calling for drizzle in the morning. (You can check your own local weather by plugging in your city or zip code in the box provided on that page.) Great weather for washing windows. They don't dry quickly and hopefully, they'll be streak free.

So, that's what I figured I'd do this morning. I have an hour free between when Brian leaves and I start watching Judging Amy on TNT. And right now, it's 9:01. The living room door and screen are done. And I was planning on doing the office door and screen while watching Judging Amy.

Guess what? Judging Amy is starting over from the beginning. I've seen these a couple of times now. I'm not going to watch it again. Television will be off soon. And I'll have plenty of time to wash the doors now. No hurry.

Maybe I'll go sit in my rocking chair and read the newspaper and look out my clean sliding door.

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I like Amy, too. Interested to see what they do next season.
Tyne Daily is great. Not sure I'd watch if she left.

Posted by Bobbie @ 06/09/2005 03:44 PM PDT

You do realize that Judging Amy wasn't renewed. It's over, done. No more new seasons, just the stuff in syndication. Everybody's leaving. angry, grr

Posted by lisaviolet @ 06/09/2005 04:57 PM PDT

shocked No!
I did not know that!
I'll miss it. Tuesday 'was' a good TV nite.

Posted by Bobbie @ 06/09/2005 06:52 PM PDT

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