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Monday, 06/20/2005 - 09:41 AM PDT
Listening to Steely Dan - "Gaucho"
The topic: A potpourri of stuff

The past few weeks I haven't really had all of that much to post about. Just everyday stuff.

I finally got the occasional cam set up the way I wanted it. Nice background, okay frame for the images. Made buttons for the guestbook, too. Then I had to go to the other pages here with cameras on them and add the thumbnail and link to the new page. (Hey, I tried doing a google search for "catcam" and my page is the fourth one listed, third searching for "cat cam" and fourth and eighth doing a search for "cathouse". Kewl.) The active USB extensions showed up early last week and now I can take the Ocam further into the depths of the house, like the bedroom (if anyone has been watching you'll already know this) and deeper into the living room and maybe into the garage, I haven't tried that one yet. I kind of thought it would be fun to watch the cats at dinnertime.

Then I had the brilliant idea of getting that "who's online" counter, which after many hours of working on it, finally decided that I was wasting my time and requested a refund (amazing how quickly the author responded to that email when many of my others to her have gone completely unanswered). And after that I did many hours of research, trying to figure out how to get one counter work on all of my pages, whether or not they're on a subdomain. It came down to this. Some hosts have their CGIs to work across the board, others do not. I submitted a ticket with my host and for the first time since I've had them as a host and had a question, they went beyond sending me a link to some other website for documentation. It was explained in detail how to set up a symbolic link using SSH access.

And it worked. I only had one problem when I figured I could delete the CGI directories in the subdomains. Ooops. This started a chain reaction that disabled many programs sitewide, so I had to stop it quickly and I had to redo the scripts that got deleted. One of them was the guestbook that the cat pages link to and there was no way to rebuild that, I couldn't find anything on my computer for it, so that started from scratch. Which really wasn't a bad thing because this new one is an updated version of the one I accidentally dumped and it has a few more options that are good. It will be harder now for those spambots to post links to their vi@gr@ and ci@lis and x@n@x websites (I munged those words because I don't want bots picking them up and leading folks here in their searches). And I have the option to add fields, which I added one and made it required. So I'll know which cat the person making the entry is posting about.

And I did some cleaning, windows, screens and the sliding doors. Just in time, too, I think that summer is finally giving us a little more than a taste of the warmth to come. While it's still cool this morning, I'm going to vacuum and dust. When I'm done, it will most likely be time to close up the house, the forecast is for temps close to 90° today and it will be hotter when the sun hits the windows. It will be cookin'.

We also got a nice check last week so I'm going see where we stand on who we owe. I've pretty much kept up with the basics, but unfortunately, some of our vendors haven't been getting paid as quickly as they really should be. I don't know how long that will take, since I also have to open a couple weeks' worth of mail. tearhair

This weekend, we went to Wal-Mart after breakfast at Izzy's Saturday morning and Brian got some more plants. He got some more of the Lily of the Nile and some leather ferns. When we got home, I started laundry and he started working in the yard. He went up on the bank and pulled weeds, then brought pine needles from out front and put them down around the plants to work as a sort of mulch to keep the ground from drying out too quickly now that the heat is here. Then he mowed the lawns. The yard looks good right now.

I dug some more grass roots up. Ones I missed the first time. One of these weekends, he's going to set up a sprinkler system for around the pool, then we'll plant those Irish moss seeds we got.

Yesterday, he drove to the property and checked for dead mice. When he came home, he washed the Escape, then we went shopping to CostCo. Got home, put all of the groceries away, then he was doing something outside and I came onto the computer and watched some dumbass movie, by the name of Dr Jekyll and Ms Hyde, really stupid. By the time it was over, Brian came inside and started surfing. I went into the family room and laid down on the sofa, looking for something to watch on television. Brian mentioned that he was getting really tired, so he came out and laid down on the loveseat. I found "Secondhand Lions" had just started, so turned it to that. We watched that, then it was "The Notebook", then it was "The Day After Tomorrow". Then it was time for bed. It was a nice restful day.

And now, it's time to dust and vacuum. Dusting won't take long, but I try to do the cat trees at least once a week and that takes a while.

lisaviolet is fifty something, married with no kids, takes care of lots of cats, likes taking photographs, loves Southern California weather and spends altogether too much time avoiding her responsibilities.

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