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Thursday, 06/30/2005 - 08:30 PM PDT
The topic: Do ya ever do or say something

when you're upset that you wish you could take back? Especially when you realize that what you said was taken even worse than what you meant? Which was pretty bad in the first place?

Well, earlier this week, I made a really mean, nasty, comment about something I totally got wrong. See, someone blogged about a dead cat. But I didn't go to the link, I assumed (ASS of me, big time) this person was referring to a much beloved cat who had died. And I was upset and I called him a "miserable son-of-a-bitch" and said that I hoped his next dose of Viagra turned out his lights.

Now, when I made the Viagra comment, I was thinking along the lines of men who take Viagra going blind. And when I made the comment, I didn't know it was a permanent blindness, but I was under the mistaken impression that it was a temporary thing. And it was a really horrible thing to have said. Under any circumstances.

But this guy thought I wanted him dead. Because of the "turn out the lights" part of my entry.

Now, I want to apologize to you, Rob, of And please, don't paint all catlovers with the brush I've handed you. I'm really sorry for what I posted. I'll make no excuses because there is no excuse for what I said to/about you. There was no call for me to have said something so nasty, and I'm really ashamed that I said such a thing.

Not all catlovers are as bitchy as me.

Please accept my apology.


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Don't beat yourself up. Rob is a good guy at heart but he does wear his ass on his head at times. Truth be known, I don't think he has anything in particular against cats. He just uses them to get attention. Cats give him something to rant about.
cool eh?

Posted by assrot @ 07/01/2005 06:15 AM PDT

Pretty much what he said.

Rob's visitors are either haters or lovers. I prefer to love him, even tho I've been a cat breeder most of my life.

Posted by Indigo @ 07/01/2005 06:47 AM PDT

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