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Sunday, 10/23/2005 - 08:35 AM PDT
The topic: DeeJay, the king of poop

DeeJay eats. As skinny as he is, he eats. It's not thyroid, he's been getting skinny since his colon was removed back in December 1999.

And with his eating, he also had many stools. And for the most part, they're healthy looking. Sometimes, maybe due to his kidney disease, they get a little hard. Since the NutriCal gave him the runs earlier this year, I figured I'd try giving him a little teeny, tiny bit on the tip of my finger.

It worked. This morning I found a small little turd in the laundry room. Brian was getting dressed after having taken his shower. I was back in the office, dorking around with the computer.

I got up to go ask Brian a question and stepped in something nasty. I turned on the hallway light.

Oh, crap! Crap! I hopped into my bathroom and stuck my foot in the tub and ran hot water over it and soaped it up well. Rinsed off, then hobbled out into the office to get some papertowels. I cleaned up the stool, then got a wipe and cleaned the rest of it off of the floor.

The NutriCal worked. And DeeJay was just as happy as could be.

lisaviolet is fifty something, married with no kids, takes care of lots of cats, likes taking photographs, loves Southern California weather and spends altogether too much time avoiding her responsibilities.

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