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Monday, 10/31/2005 - 03:30 PM PDT
The topic: Sick kitty

Well, Handsome is sick again. He started getting bad on Saturday. Having a hard time breathing, lots of drool, over all just feeling like crap.

Saturday and Sunday night I put him in my bathroom with the vaporizer going. I put down some towels on the counter and he stayed there all night. I also gave him some food (there is always a crock full of clean water in there). Last night, he was worse than Saturday and wouldn't eat anything at all. I did get him to lap up some tuna water, but he hasn't had anything to eat since.

Yesterday I noticed that he was dehydrated, so I tried giving him fluids, but he fought me on the second 60cc. He only got 60cc total. Today, he's not as feisty and I was able to get 120cc into him. It was in the yard (it's hot today, right now, it's 89°) and he just laid there with little resistance.

Yesterday I also bought some Little Noses children's decongestant nose drops and didn't give him any until today. I was told it's easier to drop them in the eyes than the nose. The woman who told me this said her cat's ompthamologist explained this to her. She tried the drops on herself before giving them to her cat and said that they dried her eyes out a little, but it wasn't too bad. So far, I've given him two doses.

He got the fluids about forty-five minutes ago. I hope they help him. If he's not showing any improvement by tomorrow, I'll most likely take him to the vet. The Little Noses did help, but he still isn't eating anything (which could be because of the dehydration; my vet said that being dehydrated makes them feel really bad and they don't feel like doing anything). He did drink from one of the fountains outside this morning, cold, cold water.

I also think he lost a tooth. I found one in the condo I'd put him in after giving him the nose (eye) drops. I checked most of the other kitty cats and they've got full smiles. He doesn't. So, it probably was his. Last Friday, I did a thorough vacuuming of the cat furniture and it wasn't there then.


Could ya find a way to send some healing, healthy, get well thoughts his way?



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All of us who are owned by cats where I work are sending good thoughts and healing prayers. My little puppy, who weighs 6 whole pounds at 2 years of age, is in the emergency animal hospital with the doggy flu. He's been ther since 3:30 Saturday morning and has finally started eating on his own. All the people at work said prayers for him and it worked. Hope they work for Handsome too.

Posted by Donna @ 11/01/2005 11:10 AM PDT

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