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Tuesday, 10/25/2005 - 11:35 AM PDT
The topic: Whew! We're healthy!

Last night, I rummaged through the kitchen cupboard for some other type of cold remedy. I found some Thera-Flu, which I absolutely hate the taste. Icky, gross, lemony tasting. What we had came in two varieties, regular and non-drowsy. I went with the regular. It worked. I woke up once, around three, coughed a bunch, rolled over and went back to sleep.

When I got up this morning, my head was all stuffy and I had a horrendous headache, but I wasn't coughing and I had slept pretty much through the night. It was good.

I had to make out the payroll and Brian's lunch, then take a shower. I tried drying my hair somewhat, but didn't make much progress and time was running short. I got dressed, got the carriers out, putting them both on the bed.

Oliver was in the window and he purred when I got him down and put him in the carrier. I found Georgie on one of the one story condos in the living room, under one of the end tables. I carried him into the bedroom and put him in the carrier. I went outside and opened the back of the Escape up, then went in and got both carriers and off to the vet's we went.

There wasn't much of a wait, I guess there'd been one client before me (at least that's what I was thinking, since I saw the vet in the back taking x-rays of a dog) and I waited about ten minutes after Oliver got weighed. I ended up letting him back in the carrier because he kept wanting to check out the examining room.

When the vet came in, he looked Ollie over, remarked that he'd gained five pounds since his last visit ("You'd better not let him get any heavier"). I pointed out where the lumps were and the vet said he went right over them when he first looked Ollie over. He did a needle aspirate of the lump and it came back a sebaceous cyst. Good deal, nothing horrible. He remarked on what a nice cat Oliver was. Oliver rewarded him with a purr.

I put Ollie into the carrier and then got Georgie out of his. Georgie was weighed in and I pointed out where the lump was on Georgie. The vet felt it and said "interesting". He did a needle aspirate of it and said that if this was what he thought it was, it would be very easily taken care of.

And it was. It was a "mature" sebaceous cyst. And the vet took care of it. He deadened the area, Vanessa shaved it and the doc scraped the top of it, then squeezed it. He said "watch this".

It was horrible. Think the worst zit you ever squeezed and multiply that by about a thousand. It wasn't gooshy stuff that came out, it was dry and dark and icky. He squeezed for a long time. Finally, blood came out and he was done. He did some digging with a special tool and got out the residual gunk, then cleaned it out with a big cotton swab. He put some sort of ointment on it and the bump was gone.

He'll have a fair sized scab, but it will no longer be a worry.

So, good news. The bumps weren't bad news.



My boys. My sweet, sweet boys.

The vet asked me who was the most affectionate of all of the cats. Hard to tell. I didn't have an answer. It just depends on the time of day and the mood of the cat. So, he asked me who's the least affectionate. I could answer that easily. The ferals. Little Bit, for sure. I've never touched her.

It was a good vet visit.


Replies: 3 comments

YAY!!! good GOOD news!

Kinda gross though... shocked

Very glad to hear they're okay!

Posted by Chance's Mom @ 10/25/2005 12:35 PM PDT

Georgie looked like the whole ordeal bored him to tears. LOL Beautiful boys! I'm glad to know they both checked out fine.

Posted by Lisa @ 10/25/2005 02:53 PM PDT

Sounds like it would have hurt. It's weird they would both get something so similar at the same time. Environmental?
I'm sure glad they're ok. I wonder if something like that can start with a spider bite.

Posted by mag @ 10/25/2005 06:28 PM PDT

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