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cat stuff
Friday, 10/28/2005 - 06:09 PM PDT
The topic: Oh, I want that!

Do you ever see something you think your kitties would just love? And you buy it, bring it home, set it up and they ignore it? And you think "damn it, I should have just brought home an empty box"?

Well, last week I was perusing this catalog and I saw a heated pet bed for only $14.99. And not only was it heated, it only heats up when there's a kitty cat laying on it. And it only gets up to 109°. The sounded like a fine buy to me. And if they didn't like it, no big loss. So, I ordered one.

It got here yesterday afternoon. I set it up. And lo and behold, the kitty cats liked it. And it was almost eerie. Everytime I checked, there was a different cat in it. Almost as if they were telling each other what a nice thing it was 'here, you try it out!'

So, this morning, I thought I'd take a few photos as the day went on. I know I didn't get all of the different cats. I saw Katie in it first thing this morning and this afternoon, before I vacuumed, there was one of the younger black cats in it. Maybe Joey.

But I did get a couple of pictures (clicking on a picture will take you to the full sized image).






Red (with Marco looking on)

So, since it's such a hit with the kitties, I ordered three more. One to set up elsewhere and two for the future. Great price, great product and something that will actually get used. Gotta take advantage of that. Everything for the kittycats, you know.

Replies: 9 comments

That is just hilarious! LOL
Those pictues are just adorable. I love it.

Posted by maggie @ 10/28/2005 06:14 PM PDT

The outdoor cats would surely love that bed specially when it gets to below 0.

Posted by Norah @ 10/28/2005 06:55 PM PDT

Oh,I have to get one! How cute & cozy they all look. Has DJ used it? I bet it would feel good on his old bones.

Posted by Melanee @ 10/28/2005 07:36 PM PDT

Great pics and money well spent. I can see the Boyz crowding in together there. Maybe I will get them one from Santa.

Posted by PJ @ 10/29/2005 06:24 PM PDT

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have a cat confined to one room (does not play well with others!) and was concerned about her staying warm. This should solve that!

Posted by Beth @ 10/30/2005 04:21 PM PDT

What a sweet thing to get for your cats! I would love to be able to have cats of my own, even if only to give them something as lovely as that!

Posted by Rahel @ 10/31/2005 12:20 AM PDT

Too cute! Guess I should splurge for my girls too!

Posted by Peggy @ 10/31/2005 07:30 AM PDT

It IS so rare that you find something even one likes right away. My mom brought two kitty hammocks to us once; it took forever but two of the girls finally became permanantly attached to them. I'll have to look into these beds!

Posted by Medb @ 11/01/2005 05:22 PM PDT

totally perrrrrfect!!! smile

Posted by Hannah @ 11/05/2005 03:43 PM PDT

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