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Friday, 07/01/2005 - 09:01 AM PDT
The topic: If you're feeling a little squeamish

then don't click here.

(By the way, the lizard lived, I got it away from the kitty and carried it out to the front yard and released it there.)

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One of my parents' cats brought a lizard in one day. Dad and I jumped up to catch cat and release the lizard. By the time we got the lizard away he dropped his tail. I've never seen one do that. It was quite unnerving to see that tail wiggling around with no body attached. Yuck! Eww! Gross! Poor lizard!

Posted by Lisa @ 07/01/2005 10:04 AM PDT

Brian hates lizards. I could pick one up and chase him around like he was little boy, but then there'd always be the worry of payback (and wetting my pants from laughing so hard).

When I saw the tail, my first thought was "eww, gross", then came "where's the camera?" big grin

Posted by lisaviolet @ 07/01/2005 10:44 AM PDT

Brian would have had a fit if he'd been at our house the day we found a foot long baby iguana in our back yard. It took two Humane Society staff members and me to catch it and put it in a carrier. Those little lizards can really jump!

Posted by Trudy @ 07/01/2005 08:37 PM PDT

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