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Wednesday, 07/20/2005 - 11:10 AM PDT
The topic: Sick kitty

Well, Walter turned some sort of corner last night. Yesterday, I was pretty concerned, I had those thoughts of him having some sort of intestinal blockage (think hairball) that was causing him to puke up whatever he ate and pooping out just clear mucus. The clear mucus brought to mind a fellow, a friend of a neighbor way back when, who loved to go into great detail about his private eliminations after a few days of fasting.

So, I look at what Wally had shat out and I'm thinking to myself "this cat ain't eatin', this cat ain't eatin' at all". This doesn't set well with me, the queen of what's there to eat. I gave him fluids yesterday morning, 120CC. I also gave him an amoxi pill that he puked up within a couple of hours.

He did eat a little Fancy Feast that I had added water to and pureed with my little handheld mixer. But he puked that up before too long. Out of desperation, I started him on ferrum Phos tablets (homeopathic meds) late yesterday afternoon. My mind just kept going back to a blockage. And the possibility of surgery to take care of it. I was getting pretty scared.

So, yesterday evening, he puked twice. Each time bringing up a little fur. I checked on him a few times during the night and this morning, he was laying on the condo in the family room. I tempted him with some of the Fancy Feast I was taking out the KittyMeezer. He wasn't tempted. This wasn't a good thing, believe me. I thought he'd been acting a little better yesterday, but turning that delicious little nose up at Fancy Feast did not set well with me. After feeding Meeze, I got the ferrum phos bottle and shook it. He looked interested. I popped a couple of the pills into his mouth. Then I went into the kitchen to put the bottle away and clean cat pee off of the counter (massive amounts this am). I went back into the family room and Wally was gone. I checked the garage, wondering if he was in there puking or pooping out that clear gel poop. Nope. I came back inside and saw him at the cat feeder. Cool. He was eating! I went back to bed (I got up to let the cats out and feed Meeze) and Walter came in, purring and kneading. Good sign. Real good sign. I fell back to sleep with a positive feeling that Wally was going to be okay.

He has been in the office nibbling on the kibble and I haven't seen him cleaning his butt (which he'd been doing quite a bit because of whatever that was he was pushing out of it) or puking so far this morning. Fingers crossed the corner was turned.

One of the things about a sick kitty is do you take him to the vet? Or wait it out? So often these things self resolve and it's hard to make the call. I do know if he hadn't gotten better today, tomorrow we'd be at the vet's office. He just never looked all that sick. His eyes were bright and he had no fever (I checked each day). He just kept puking and had odd stool. I think if he'd actually looked like he felt bad, he'd have been to the vet right away. But he didn't do any of the hiding out, hunching over, you know, the stuff you know indicates a cat who feels like crap.

I'm glad the bullet passed us by.

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Edloe's last two days were all mucus and dry heaves. I just wish we'd have known sooner, even though the bloodwork said there wasn't much time left anyway. Instead of focusing on the tapeworms escaping, we could have focused on keeping her comfortable.

Posted by Laurence Simon @ 07/23/2005 08:40 AM PDT

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