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Friday, 07/08/2005 - 11:13 AM PDT
The topic: Richie is at the vet

today, getting that dental. The antibiotics and prednisone really worked because his breath didn't reek anymore.

Last night I pulled up all of the food before we went to bed and this morning was no fun at all. Cats all over the bed, trying to wake us up and be just adorable and loving. "We love you, mom, see how much we love you? Would you feed us now?"

This morning I got up around five and opened the doors for them to go out, then went back to bed. Around six I got up and fed KittyMeeze, started up the computers, turned on the cameras and when I looked at the desk in here, I counted seven cats just waiting. I figured 'forget this' and went back to bed. Where I stayed until a little before eight.

Cats kept coming in, though and tried to get me up. At one point, Oliver smacked them all off of the bed and Brian smacked Oliver off of the bed. (Not smacking hard, just kind of pushing him along until he had no choice but to jump.) He was right back up.

I got up, dressed, ate breakfast, called my mom, found Richie sitting in the hallway, picked him up, told Brian to hold him once he was dressed. While Brian laid on the bed with Richie on his chest, I got the carrier. And took it into the bedroom, sat it on the bad, opened the door and Richie immediately tried to get away from Brian.

His cries once in the crate about broke our hearts, he sounded so very sad.

I just hate knowing that he has to go under. It's always a scary worrisome thing.

But they should be calling me this afternoon and I'll be able to bring him home. I also have to pick up more antirobe, since the one container isn't enough for two cats.

I hope that this will be the end of this for him.

UPDATE Well, I called the vet about twenty minutes ago (a little after two) and Richie had some teeth extracted. *sigh* I guess some of them were loose and the vet felt it best to pull them. So, besides antirobe, he'll also be on pain medication. Brian was pretty bummed, he said "he's so young".

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Dropped 2 off myself this morning for dentals. I know the feeling all too well. I tried to tell them it was like a day at the spa but they weren't buying it. they made me feel terrible.

Posted by Lia @ 07/08/2005 11:37 AM PDT

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