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Saturday, 07/02/2005 - 09:30 PM PDT
Listening to Pirates of the Caribbean on cable
The topic: Ya learn something new everyday...

Today, following links to blogs, I found out something very interesting about my dryer.

Well, this would work for anybody who uses fabric softener sheets in their dryer.

Take your lint filter out and clean it. The sheets somehow get their coating over onto the filter and it will end up causing your dryer to not work as efficiently or even cost money in repairs, by burning out the heating unit.

There was a little test she said her repairman suggested. Take the lint filter to the sink and let water run on it. Does the water run through or sit on the filter in a puddle? Mine puddled. So, ya clean it with warm water and soap and a brush. I did this and it was absolutely horrible. All sorts of crud on it.

After I was finished washing, which took a while because there was a major buildup, the water poured right through it. You're supposed to do this about twice a year.

If water can't go through it, it's makes sense that air can't either.

I'll be curious to see if Brian's wash towels have less lint now. It's something he's been complaining about for a while, lint on the vehicles when he dries them.


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