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cat stuff
Sunday, 07/24/2005 - 09:56 AM PDT
By the way, Bart is bugging the crap out of me.....
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The topic: Helping cats

Every once in a while, I hear of something horrible that has happened to cats in a shelter. Shortly after I first started surfing the internet, it was the Noah's Ark Tragedy in Fairfield, Iowa.

So, when I found a post by Rahel (who won the first Picture Story Contest) posted a link to The Cat Welfare Society of Israel, my heart just broke. Because the same type of horror happened there that happened in Iowa. But it was much worse. If that can be imagined, it was much worse.

Well, on August 6th, there's going to be a twenty four hour blogathon. And the participants have chosen charities. Laurence Simon, who is the madman (just kidding, Lair, you know I love ya, ever since you said you'd hit that nun for me) behind the only blog I read with any regularity. That would be This Blog Is Full of Crap. I first became aware of his site because of a link to my catcam page. I checked out his kitty cats, then I checked out his blog. Some of the political stuff was way over my head, still is. I do love his little stories with Bush as the main character (illustrated with actual photos). I loved his pictures and his words about his much beloved cats.

Well, you might recall that last month, his cat Edloe, that beautiful large grumpus of a cat, passed away after a short illness. And Laurence will be in the blogathon and he's chosen The Cat Welfare Society of Israel as his charity, in memory of Edloe.

I know that there are many organizations here in the U.S. that can use help. But this time, I'm pledging for the Israel cats. Because they've touched a place deep in my heart. And because it's in memory of Edloe.

For more about how to register, check out Nardo goes nuts. There are many fine charities available to choose from. As of right now the number one and two spots for the blogathon pledges are for cat societies. The first is Laurence's charity of choice, the second? Alley Cat Allies.

What does that tell you about us cat lovers?

That we rock.

Go. Do it. Make a pledge, help a cat.

Wally says "Fangu"

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That Wally is one heck of a gorgeous cat. Just beautiful.

Posted by Sue D. @ 07/24/2005 01:09 PM PDT

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