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Tuesday, 07/26/2005 - 01:59 PM PDT
The topic: Walking tally

This morning we found .52. We're rich.

Of course, we wouldn't have found that much (Brian found a penny, I found the rest, I've got awesome coindar) if we'd taken the route we'd intended on taking when we walked out the door.

At our first turn, there was a cat in the street that had been hit by a car. It was too late to do anything. I couldn't walk that way. Not twice. We turned around and took another path this morning. (Kitty treats and special smurgles for all of our kitties today).

I'd already spotted a nickel, then I found two dimes and a penny. We walked the short circle, then up by the school. When we were walking up to the school street, I found a quarter. Then a little later, Brian found a penny.

I told Brian "wow, we could buy a donut!" He laughed. Then we started talking about the olden days (one of the perks of approaching senior citizenship). Brian is the keeper of the coins on our morning walks and this morning, he was jingling like crazy. It reminded me so much of my father and I told him that. My father always jingled when he walked. When Brian empties his pockets at night, he puts all of the change in our change bottle (thank God for that, we lived on that money last year). My father didn't, because he worked where there were vending machines and he needed change for the day.

My grandfather, on the other hand, kept his money in a little coin holder. I asked Brian if his grandpa did the same thing and he seems to think he did. We figure this is because money was pretty dear back then. money meant more. Today, that fifty cents would buy a donut. Forty or fifty years ago, it would have bought a whole lot more than that. And it was probably close to a day's pay, for that matter. Now people drop a penny or two and figure it's not worth the effort to pick them up.

Their loss is our gain. *lol*

lisaviolet is fifty something, married with no kids, takes care of lots of cats, likes taking photographs, loves Southern California weather and spends altogether too much time avoiding her responsibilities.

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