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Thursday, 07/14/2005 - 03:05 PM PDT
The topic: Crap, crap, crap, crap

On our walk this morning, I mentioned to Brian that he was sweating. He looked down and there was more than just moisture on his sweatshirt, there looked to be dried fecal material, diarrhea style.

He said that must have come from Potter this morning.

Then this afternoon I put some fuzz into the trashcan in Brian's bathroom and Wally was curled up in a ball next to Brian's toilet. I picked him up and his pantaloons were covered with wet feces.

What's going on here? DeeJay, Potter and now Wally? What on earth did they get into? I gave them all some of the leftover lemon chicken last night, I don't think that bothered DeeJay because he puked it back up. But maybe the lemon just didn't set well in the intestines of these other two.

It didn't bother Handsome one little bit.

Well, I went to the vet's office today to get more fluids and needles and while I was there I picked up more flagyl. I did the dehydration test on Wally and I also took his temperature and he passed on both tests.

I hate this.

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Sounds like what happened to Wills last week, minus the fur bleach job. I'll keep good thoughts for all of them. It really grabs you in the chest when they aren't feeling well.

Posted by Wilkal @ 07/14/2005 05:23 PM PDT

I agree, it is heart wrenching when our furkids get so sick. One thing I do with Tarvi (Mr Sensitive tummy) is to open an acidophilus capsule into a snack cup with some cat treats, shake them all up and give him a few treats couple times a day. It seems to help him, but keep the treated treats in the refrigerator to keep the culture alive. I hope they all get better soon!

Posted by May Ellen @ 07/15/2005 09:57 AM PDT

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