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Sunday, 07/17/2005 - 10:29 AM PDT
The topic: It's hell getting old

I've noticed I don't have the area of arm movement I once had. I think that the older you get, you quit using muscles because it hurts to use them. They hurt because you never use them.

A vicious cycle.

The week before last, I had the intestinal pains. The beginning of last week was too miserably hot to do anything. I hate having the house shut up, but I had to have the house shut up to keep it from getting too warm indoors. Our electric bill is astronomical anyway, so I do what I can to not use the A/C, like pulling blinds (we've also got blinds on the outside of some of the windows), shutting the house up early, running the attic fans from early morning, the ceiling fans the same and I've got one small Vornado fan I run, which I move as needed.

The house is very dark and it's very noisy and it's very depressing. I need light, I need air. And all of that darkness and noise doesn't do much to offset the humidity, that you need the A/C for and the A/C doesn't come on until the temperature inside hits 78°. Last week was very humid.

It started drying out Thursday and Friday would have been a great day to get things done, except I did something to my back and my right butt cheek hurt like hell. And if I was standing or walking for too long, it started to hurt the front of my right leg. We went to the chiropractor Friday afternoon, we had originally planned on going shopping afterwards, but we just came home.

Yesterday morning, I felt much better, but as the day wore on, it got worse. I absolutely HATE this. Brian is at the property this morning and he'll be going shopping by himself. If my back feels up to it later, I'll straighten out the extra room and Brian is going to start doing the AbRoller again and while he does that, I'll be using the CardioGlide. If we do that in addition to our morning walks, it certainly won't hurt us and I know I've got some atrophying muscle groups that can use the additional work out.

I'd love to be in better shape, but it's so much work. Eating right is so much work. When I met Brian, it wasn't. I had one meal a day. Lunch. When I got home from work, I did stuff like clean house or windows or I mowed my lawn. I kept busy. I didn't think about food. I ate when I was hungry and sometimes I was too busy and I just didn't eat.

I don't think being healthy should be so hard to do. I don't think keeping busy should be something I have to work at, I think it should just happen. It's not like there aren't plenty of things to be done. I think I should just have more energy, it should just be there because I want it to be there.


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I know it doesn't make you feel any better, but I understand!
Hope you can get into a regular work-out schedule, I'm living proof that if you don't use it, you loose it!
And..when it's gone, you may not can get it back.

Posted by Bobbie @ 07/17/2005 03:18 PM PDT

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