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Saturday, 07/23/2005 - 11:27 AM PDT
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The topic: The weather

Would someone please inform Mother Nature that it's July? Not August?

Oh, my God, this weather is miserable. July is supposed to be hot. Which it is. And dry. Which it isn't.

Yesterday was a right day. It was as it should be in July. Temp was high 90s. Humidity was in the mid teens. That's how is should be.

Then last night, something woke me up a little after two. Then I saw a flash. I look out the bedroom window, wondering if it was someone's headlights. I look to my right. Nope, nothing. Then, I see a flash to my left. I quickly look in that direction to see a very well defined bolt of lightning. Then, seconds later, I hear the crash of thunder. I wasn't the only one. The cats were very aware of the lightning and thunder and while some of them took it in stride, some of them didn't.

Pete was terrified. He kept coming into the bedroom and crying at the door. I'd call him to the bed, but he'd run off. One of the white girls, I don't know if it was Daniece or Mystie, I'm thinking it was Daniece, kept running through the house. There was a lot of meowing. I know that some cats took cover under the bed, because I'd hear them bumping the wood with their heads.

I got up and grabbed the flashlight to check on them. There were no cats in the family room, on the sofas. None. There are usually three or four, at least. But this morning, there were none. Annie was doing fine in the office, but Lisa was nowhere in sight. I'm thinking she was under the bed. I checked the garage and the cats were where they usually are. No big deal in there. But then, the blinds were pulled and there were no great flashes of light. All the cats in there seemed to be doing fine.

DeeJay stayed in his place on my pillow. Phoebe came into the bedroom to take advantage of two humans awake, going from one of us to the other, getting body rubs and scratches behind the ears.

When I got back into bed after my rounds of reassuring the cats that we'll be alright, I went back to bed. Some of the cats followed me and they snuggled against us in the bed. I lay there, watching the flashes and counting the seconds until the thunder. One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand, four one thousand, five one thousand..... You know the drill. Usually, they were about ten miles away. Sometimes, they were closer to twenty miles away. A couple of times, they were too close for comfort. Only one or two miles away.

Would we be alright? Anyone who has read this diary on a regular basis knows how active my imagination can be. So, I'm laying in bed, counting the seconds and thinking of the trees. I visualize the neighborhood. Is there anything taller around? I can't see it. Then my thoughts turned to "what if one of the trees gets hit by lightning? What would happen? Would it fall over right then? Would we have a chance to get out in time? What would the cats do?"

Brian said that Richie wasn't scared. I ask how he knew. Well, he's up in the window, watching. After an hour of the noise, the rain started. And it poured. I always thought once the rain started, the lightning and thunder would stop. Not so last night.

According to my weather station, it rained .28 of an inch this morning. That's unheard of at this time of the year. It just doesn't happen.

The lightning and thunder went on for a good two hours. The rain tapered off. I fell asleep after four, my arm around Mickey. I woke up sometime around six and let the cats out. I went back to bed. We didn't get up until after seven.

The cats seem none the worse for wear. I know they didn't like it last night. There has been a little more puking today than usual. From the heat? I don't know. I just know that we've got plenty of water out for them and for the cats who choose to be inside, it's nicer with the air conditioning on.

And for the cats who choose to lay under bushes and in cat houses outside? Well, they've got lots of water, too. And they're more than welcome to come back inside.

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Welcome to my hell. It's almost been a year since leaving San Diego for San Antonio, TX and these kind of thunderstorms are normal around here. I'll never get use to them. My 4yr. old sleeps through them, I do what you do, count. While cats hide under the bed.

Posted by Melanee @ 07/23/2005 01:18 PM PDT

You should try the area around St. Louis during the spring and summer. We get thunderstorms that can jar your teeth loose. Tornado alerts are par for the course. The humidity is sky-high, so on a day like tomorrow, which is expected to reach over 100 degrees, stepping outside feels like running into a hot brick wall.

Posted by Trudy @ 07/23/2005 08:40 PM PDT

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