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Friday, 07/08/2005 - 10:20 AM PDT
The topic: It's time for a new contest

Okay, here are the rules:

-->The story must be based on the picture shown (it doesn't matter who the cat is)

-->The story must be exactly one hundred words, no more, no less so COUNT!

-->The story must be posted using the comment box, any other type of submission will be ignored

-->The contest is open until this post scrolls off of the main page

-->Don't forget to include a way to contact you

Okay, and here's the picture that needs a story....

The winner will get to choose from any of the notecards available over at my store, lisaviolet designs.

Good luck and have fun!

Replies: 8 comments

The call was put forth for a Tom to marry the Queenís daughter. The bold and handsome Tom who could turn her head and gain her paw would inherit all the riches of the kingdom.
Trying to woo the heart of the princess, the brave Tom used all his catly wiles from his travels. Be it shrimpies, toonas, or nip, nothing seemed to make her look in his direction.
Finally in desperation, he relied on feline acrobatics which caused laughter among the court.
Finishing with a song and a flourish he finally won her heart and paw and his prize.

Posted by Lia @ 07/08/2005 11:54 AM PDT

Irina loved dancing. She loved the way it made her feel, her body gyrating this way and that way to the pounding music. She loved having her friends around her on the dance floor, dancing like the crazy cats they were. But it was never fun when a stray claw caught her; some cats always had too much nip before they went out.

And so, Irina practiced at home alone on nights that she wasn't clubbing. Maybe she looked funny dancing all alone, but it only made her more sexy in front of the hot boy cats at the club.

Posted by Aryn @ 07/08/2005 12:07 PM PDT

Well, it was THIS big! We all lined up at the window and peered out. It was so scary! It was fierce!

It came right up to the window and HISSED at Molly! And it had such sharp teeth! It snuffled along and ate every piece of kibble and some slugs. Mom forgot to bring in the outside kibble, that's what it was after, it had to be. But we thought it was after US!

And THEN, it turned to leave - and had six little babies hanging onto its back! Maybe she wasn't ALL bad...but she sure was BIG!

Posted by mag @ 07/08/2005 12:17 PM PDT

Oh my, is that who I think it is, who is that he is with, oh I can't believe it, JR. finally has a date, I wonder where they are going, that outfit she has on looks simply awful on her, it makes her butt look this big, Oh they are coming over here, hello JR. don't you look nice, will you introduce me to your lovely date, it was lovely seeing you again JR. and was nice meeting you Miss Ashley, I cannot believe she is going to wear that, just look at her from behind..Toodle Lu..

Posted by viv @ 07/08/2005 12:58 PM PDT

Gimme a M!
Gimme a O!
The pretty cheerkitty was hoping the hansome quartercat was looking her way.
Gimme a U!!
She had been in love with him since kittengarten and wondered if he would ever notice her.
Gimme a S!
Gimme a E!
In her heart she knew he was all about the game, but could not stop thinking about his big blue eyes and striped tail.
What's that spell?
Mouse Mouse Mouse
She looked around only to find all the tom's were running off the field. Whats a girl to do?
Oh well, maybe next season....sigh.

Posted by PJ @ 07/09/2005 04:30 AM PDT


Can't touch this
My-my-my-my music hits me so hard
makes me say oh my Lord
Thank you for blessing me with a bod to rhyme
four hyped paws -devine
Feels good when you're down
A suped up cat from the hometown
And I'm known as such
And this is a beat u can't touch
I told you homecats can't touch this
Yeah that's how Iím livin' and you can't touch this
Look in my eyes, can't touch this
Yeah that's how Iím livin'
you can't touch this
Look in my eyes,
Canít touch this
Canít touch this.......

Posted by BUdder @ 07/09/2005 08:31 AM PDT

Dahhling!! You're home!! Get over here you hunka tomcat and plant one on my sweet lips!! I missed your sweet puss so much. Smooch smooch smooch..oh you silly boy get your paws off me there's plenty of time for that later...purrr. First we'll feast on some Fancy Feast Fish and Shrimp and and then you can tell me all about your trip to Sardinia. Did you meet any slutty alley cats? I bet they were drooling all over my big furry boy! What's this??? Is this a strange whisker on your collar????? You PIG!! I hate you!!! Hisssssssss!

Posted by BarbaraB @ 07/09/2005 01:05 PM PDT

Who me?

I didnít jump on the counter and steal the ham. Why do you assume it was me? It was the dog! I saw him with my own two eyes. He couldnít jump that high? Yes he could! Heís quite the acrobat! While you were out he jumped up and ate that ham you had cooling on the counter. White fur on the counter? Fidoís brown? Those furs turned white with fear when I scared him away from your precious ham.

Whatís this behind my back?

Uh... I think someoneís at the door!

Youíd better see who it is!

Posted by Cindy @ 07/11/2005 07:07 AM PDT

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