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cat stuff
Wednesday, 07/06/2005 - 07:53 AM PDT
The topic: More stuff Handsome eats

Canned Mandarin oranges, although he doesn't seem to like the juice they're packed in.

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The family across the street let their kitten out of the house and it is running around the neighborhood mewing in fright. It is terrified of people, but it has found the food we put out for the ferals. I know I have to trap it, but I really don't want to trap the other cats too. It is so cute, I also don't want to give it back to its family. It was not a socialized animal, it needs a quiet home. It is upsetting to see it so frightened.

Posted by May Ellen @ 07/06/2005 09:47 AM PDT

First thing, don't chase. This will scare the critter. Move slowly, let her come to you. About how old is it?

I think it's really wonderful that you want to take it in.

Posted by lisaviolet @ 07/06/2005 05:09 PM PDT

It is probably 8-10 weeks old, and my heart breaks everytime I hear it calling for its Mom. I have also noticed that the birds know it is there, they make a funny 'I'm worried' chirping noise. She looks like she has Maine Coon in her, but the tail is short. She has grey stripes and a white chin, chest, and toes, the rest is blurry because she is so fast.

Posted by May Ellen @ 07/06/2005 07:12 PM PDT

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