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Monday, 07/11/2005 - 01:19 PM PDT
The topic: In memoriam

When I first started on the internet, I met a fine lady by the name of Dorissimo. Well, her name was Doris, but Dorissimo was her internet name, like my real name is Dianne, but my internet name is lisaviolet (no caps).

Doris was an upstanding member of the online feline community and she started her own website, eventually getting her own domain, Dorissimo's Domain. I remember when she started up at Simplenet after I sang their praises. I remember when I explained certain things like making the Miva bulletin boards to work, she'd say "I'm too old, I'll never be able to do this..." But she did. She was able to do it, because she was a very smart tenacious woman.

She was also very clever with graphics (she was a Mac advocate). I remember how I sat here and tried to do some of the stuff she did on her machine and never could get it right (I celebrated when my PC graphic programs integrated layering capability).

She and her husband Tim had many cats. Doris was able to use the name Opie long before I was and she was so excited to let me know. The cat she identified most with was Bitsy, who lorded it over all the other cats in the house, having them at her beck and call. It was a sad day for all when Queen Bitsy went to the Rainbow Bridge, but Doris kept her spirit going on her website. Although the real Bitsy had died, Queen Bitsy lived on.

I was honestly surprised to find her age. When she first told me, I thought she was pulling my leg. When she died, she was in her late 70s. Her husband, Tim, said she died doing what she most loved, playing on the computer. (No doubt readying another gala at the Castle.)

If you'd like to leave a message on Doris' guestbook, you can do so at Queen Bitsy's Registry.

If you've never taken the time to visit her webpages, please do. As I understand it Tim will be leaving them up for all to see. If you do go, make sure you've got lots of time. There is a lot to see.

Tim requested that if you would like to do something in Doris' honor, make a donation to your local animal welfare group. If you would like to send something to their home, send it to:

Tim Edwards
PO Box 138
Morgantown, IN 46160

Any monetary donations will go to pay for Doris's extensive website.

For those of you who are wondering about the Kitty of the Month Contest it will still be ongoing. I spoke with Tim this morning and it is his wish that it not be discontinued. Maybe it won't be as well done as Doris did it, but we'll try.

Goodbye, Doris. We'll miss you. You were truly a Queen in your own right. And if there truly is life after, as you believed so strongly, feel free to send a message. I'll be listening.

With much love and sadness,


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for Doris' family. Thanks

Posted by mag @ 07/11/2005 01:46 PM PDT

Sorry...please send the address for Doris' family.

Posted by mag @ 07/11/2005 01:47 PM PDT

Please send Doris' addy - I want to send Tim a card.
Thanks. I'm just broken-hearted over this.

Posted by Andrea @ 07/11/2005 01:51 PM PDT

Yes, please send me the address.

Posted by Guardian-of-4 @ 07/11/2005 02:24 PM PDT

Thanks lv

Posted by Bobbie @ 07/11/2005 02:30 PM PDT

A lovely tribute, lv. Please send me the snail mail for Doris' family. Thanks!

Posted by BethW @ 07/11/2005 02:52 PM PDT

Thank you so much lv, I knew what you wrote would be what I feel in my heart too.

Posted by Tikky @ 07/11/2005 05:05 PM PDT

Please send me their snail mail addy too D.

I loved everything you wrote, thanks very much.

Posted by Chance's Mom @ 07/11/2005 07:09 PM PDT

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