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Thursday, 07/14/2005 - 09:29 AM PDT
The topic: DeeJay

DeeJay has had a bad few days. Tuesday, he did something to his front left leg and when he walks, his knee sticks way out to the side. It doesn't seem to bother him and it also seems to be getting a little better.

If memory serves me, Boney's legs did this same thing. It isn't affecting how he gets around, so I'm not really worried about it, not right now.

Yesterday, though, he was throwing up and towards the end of the day, he looked really bad. His stool got progressively worse throughout the day and last night, it was horrible looking. Very watery, a translucent tan color. He didn't have much of an appetite, either. He usually comes into the office several times a day in search of food and he wasn't in here once yesterday for food. When he did come in, I'd let him at the bowl and he'd maybe nibble one or two pieces of kibble, then just stop.

I gave him some flagyl last night and this morning I've got him back on Pepcid. I'm thinking it's working because he hasn't pooped since sometime in the night and he just came back here wanting food.

I know one of these times there's a possibility he won't "get over it" and I'm steeling myself for that time. But the bad days haven't been coming so often as they once did and I'm hoping he'll be with us for a while longer.

If you get a chance, could you send a good thought his way?

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Sending lots and lots of good thoughts to DeeJay!
Get better sweet boy.

Posted by Bobbie @ 07/14/2005 11:54 AM PDT

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