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Wednesday, 07/20/2005 - 10:27 AM PDT
Listening to Lou Rawls - Nice and Easy Does It
The topic: White days

Woke up to a fairly nice day, but the clouds are coming in and it looks like it's gonna be another white day. Yesterday was a white day. I think today will be a worse white day.

Along with the clouds, that are thin and high and hiding the blue of the summer sky, comes the humidity. Right now, at 10:22 by my computer clock, it's 80.4 outside with a 29% humidity outside, 54% inside? That can't be right. It's much nicer inside than out. House is closed up, fans are going. That's really odd. It seems much more humid outside.

Anyway, it's just one of those days that's ugly. I don't like white days. I just don't like them. It's like walking around in a fog.

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Did you ever lay on the ground and figure out what clouds look like?
The middle picture, top right, looks like it has a paw print in the clouds.
Sorta smile

Posted by Bobbie @ 07/20/2005 03:06 PM PDT

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