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cat stuff
Sunday, 07/31/2005 - 09:06 AM PDT
By the way, I'm pretty irritated right now.
The topic: Cat rescue

I'm making this entry because I'm really annoyed right now and if I posted it where I really wanted to, I'd be in a boatload of trouble and I just don't have the time or energy to deal with that right now.

Last week, my friend Jen, the one who, with my friend Fud, came down from Los Angeles to pick up Little Bit's first litter. Now, Jen has been in rescue for many, many years and she's dealt with her fair share of bad adoptions. And because of these bad experiences, she's very careful of who she adopts to.

Last week, she became aware of a post on a forum where someone was telling the people there that she had a friend who had gone to a shelter and been turned down because her husband was in the military and because he was deployed. They were making arrangements for the one woman to go to the shelter and lie, get the cat, and she'd give it to her friend. Jen posted the link to this post, asking for help from other rescuers.

Jen posted and tried to explain why the shelter would have these rules. Because they care about the cat. Didn't matter. These people got defensive and really came down on Jen hard. And the few people who tried to further clarify what Jen had said, were ridiculed. What a bunch of nasty, nasty women. When it was clear that they didn't care, Jen posted over at the other forum that she was contacting all the rescues in the area to warn them of what was up. Someone from that board (an "Acmerat" if you will) warned the plotters what was up.

They got the cat. One of the women from that forum went over to the board where Jen had posted asking for help and gloated "we got the cat, nannee nannee boo boo" and left an email address. Jen at yahoo. com. I'm sure they hoped that Jen would get a bunch of nasty email.

So, this morning, I went over there and read what they'd had to say and they were, for the most part, being shitheads in regards to Jen. So, I came to her defense. And then they got on me. The worst one was someone using the name "pope1982".

I ended up removing the text of my posts. Looking at the majority of the other messages, this is mostly a dog board. And dog people don't understand cats or cat people. Some might, but most don't. And I'd have more luck talking to Mother Nature and asking to turn down the heat than to get through to most of those brickheads.

If any of you are curious, here's the thread Jen posted about : The plot

Here's the thread where they got the cat: they lied like a dog

I just hope if that woman's cat ever needs a new home, these supporters are right there to take it in.

And pope1982? Kiss this ---> moon


I left a message over there with four links. The catcam, my website, my photo album and Benny's forums and they removed two of the links. The links for the catcam and album were left, the others were removed. I said I didn't want to post there because I don't do well around dog people. I'd continue the discussion elsewhere.

They were removed because they were considered "advertising". Okay, a link to my webcam is okay, a link to my website is not. A link to my family album is okay, a link to my forum is not.

And there are rules. One of the rules is to treat others with respect. But I guess that doesn't count if you've been there a while. The moderator said they need more cat people there, that I might reconsider not sticking around there. Uh, sorry, but with the welcome I got, there's a better chance of me waking up tomorrow with a body like I had thirty years ago. If you want new people to stick around, don't start throwing rocks at them. Kind of defeats the purpose, you know?

Replies: 2 comments

Well that just about made me hurl. I'm so sick of military wifes standing up on their soap boxes and how we or in this case this rescue group owes them something! This is coming from a former military brat. The fact is that she could have simlpy waited till her husband came home. How selfish! And how pigish the supporters of her are!

Posted by Melanee @ 07/31/2005 04:44 PM PDT

Oh, I forgot. God bless Jen for all she does. What a saint.

Posted by Melanee @ 07/31/2005 04:45 PM PDT

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